Thank-You! We're glad you've decided to come to the Rally.
Please tell your friends to come too!

Before you begin the actual registration process
here are a few items for your consideration.

At SKP ACRE we want everyone to have the best possible rally experience, and to that end we want you to understand from the outset exactly what SKP ACRE is and, perhaps more importantly, what it is not.

When Should I register?

We at the SKP ACRE Steering Committee would really like you to register for the rally just as early as possible. This helps both you and us:

  • You'll have secured your camping site early and while they are still available (the number of campsites is limited, and they're only being held for us by River Plantation for a certain period of time). 
  • You'll be able to order t-shirts, patches and optional activities. This will provide you with the richest experiences at the Rally and help us plan, order supplies, and keep our vendors informed.

So please register as early as possible. We have a generous cancelation policy if you have to change your plans. You'll be able to change or cancel your reservation using the update your registration link in your confirmation email. 

What is SKP ACRE?

1) SKP ACRE is an eastern RV rally open to all. If you own an RV or are thinking about owning one, you are welcomed at this rally. 

2) SKP ACRE is not Escapade (Nationwide Rally held annually and hosted by the Escapees RV Club)! SKP ACRE offers the opportunity for attendees to participate in a large regional rally with the maximum number of other Escapees, but it's not trying to be another Escapade. Certainly there may be more scheduled events than you might see at the average chapter rally. Also SKP ACRE does receive support from staff at national headquarters in the form of representatives to operate the SmartWeigh program. But please don't expect the same intensity of schedule that you would experience at Escapade.

3) SKP ACRE is a 100% volunteer-driven organization. Absolutely everything required to make the Rally happen is done by volunteers. As you would expect at any chapter rally, everyone is expected to chip in and help the process run smoothly. There will be sign-up sheets at Rally Check-In to help you understand where volunteers are needed most. If you've a special idea to help the Rally run better, please contact one of the Committee Members. Your contributions will be more than welcome. And THANK YOU!

What do I need to know about Arrivals, Sites, Hookups and Parking?

1) Sites and Hookups. River Plantation RV Resort has full-hookup sites with 30/50 Amp power, water and sewer. 

2) The Rally dates are April 26th, 2017 to May 2nd, 2017. April 26th is Arrival Day, but you can come early, or stay late, at the campsite for the same low Rally rate, so long as your stay is contiguous with the Rally dates. Make your own arrangements for this when booking with River Plantation RV Resort. 800-758-5267.  

3) Chapter or BoF Parking is only by prior arrangement. If your Chapter or BoF plans on attending SKP ACRE and wants to be parked as a group you MUST contact Steve Masterson well in advance (and certainly before March 1st) to make arrangements. You may use the Contact Us page to do so. Steve will notify River Plantation RV Resort to arrange the block of sites. Then - and this is CRITICAL - your members MUST identify themselves as members of the Chapter of BoF when calling River Plantation to make their camping site reservations.  People do not need to arrive together. 

4) Group Parking. If you have a small group (as opposed to a Chapter or BoF) who wish to be parked together, please make arrangements directly with River Plantation RV Resort and request to have your sites close together, when you make your camping reservations.

What is SKP ACRE'S Refund Policy?

At SKP ACRE we really want you to sign up early, order optional T-Shirts, badges, optional Smoky Mountain catered dinner and optional off-site entertainment, and attend and thoroughly enjoy the rally! We also recognize that plans change and that sometimes you have to cancel. The committee reviewed past cancelation policies and developed the following policy for the rally, taking into account the deadlines we must meet with our vendors.

SKP ACRE 2017 Cancelation and Refund Policy

Cancelations made on or before April 6th, 2017 will be refunded 100%, including rally fees, optional  paid meal(s) and any optional paid onsite or offsite entertainment. 

For cancelations made after April 6th, 2017, we will refund only $22.00 of the $50 per person rally fee. SKP ACRE must make commitments to vendors with a headcount and payment. Therefore we cannot refund payments for any catered meals, whether optional or not, or the optional paid  entertainment. Essentially, once we have paid the vendors on your behalf, there will be no refunds.

Registrations received after March 30th will be subject to a non refundable $10 per person late fee.

T-Shirts and Patches, cost will be refunded 100%, at any time up until delivery or dispatch of the goods, upon request. Alternatively we will be happy to mail the goods, but you will be required to pay the shipping charges. Please contact SKP ACRE to request this service. 

All applicable refunds will be sent out shortly after the rally.

River Plantation RV Resort - Cancelations with River Plantation RV Resort must be made by phone (800-758-5267) and are subject to their Cancelation Policy. SKP ACRE is not responsible for any fees that River Plantation RV Resort may apply to a cancelation.

How do I Register?

Registration is a two-step process. First and most importantly, you MUST register with the River Plantation RV Resort (800-758-5267). When that is complete you can register with SKP ACRE for the Rally. We offer you two means of registering. You can: 

1) Register on-line. As part of that process you will receive one or more emails from and/or (please add both of these to your address book to help ensure that our email does not end up in your junk folder). Please print out the remittance advice email and send it to us at the address below together with your check. Or: 

2) Download a Registration Form, print it out, complete it and mail it to us with your check. Check is the only means of payment. 

By far the easiest and fastest way for you to Register is to do so online.

Downloading and completing the forms off line means that it will take several weeks, and perhaps much more, before we receive them (we're all traveling too), which means we won't know you're attending until that time. In addition, online registration means that your information gets recorded more accurately, and there's a great deal less labor involved, as rekeying scores of registration forms takes a lot of time! Your volunteer Rally Steering Committee will guarantee you an extra SKP HUG at no additional charge on arrival if you'll help us out by registering online.

What's the Deadline for Registration and Payment?

Registration Deadlines are basically to allow you time to mail in your Registration and payment. If you're Registering online you must, first call River Plantation RV Resort to see if any sites are available. Once you have registered with River Plantation RV Resort, you can then register for SKP ACRE.

Please note that registrations made, or for which payment is received after 30th March, will incur a non-refundable $10 per person fee, so while you can register anytime up to the day before the Rally starts, registering before the deadline will save you some money. If you register after the normal deadlines you will not be able to order t-shirts, patches or the optional barbecue dinner. More importantly knowing how many attendees we can expect helps your Steering Committee with planning and ordering supplies.

The deadline for mailing your registration and/or payment is:

1) If you have ordered T-Shirts the deadline to get your envelope in the mail is February 20th, 2017. That should get it to us by March 9th, 2017, in time to place the order with the vendor.

2) Otherwise the deadline to get your envelope in the mail is March 17th, 2017. That will get it to us by March 30th, 2017,in time for final arrangements for the Rally. 

Registrations made or paid for after March 30th, 2017, are subject to an additional Late Registration Fee of US$ 10.00 per person.

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